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The Sony Alpha a7S Mirrorless Digital Camera allows you to shoot 4K to an optional external recorder over HDMI well as record full HD 1080p video in XAVC S format at 50 Mbps in multiple frame rates. The relatively low megapixel count sensor of the a7S is designed for video recording and features a full sensor readout without any of the line skipping found in very large megapixel count cameras. You will see a sharp footage devoid of major aliasing and moiré when recording internally at 1080p or externally in 4K.

Shooters of the a7S can now use the S-Log2 Gamma Curve found in higher-end Sony cinema cameras and sports customizable color profiles. It also features multiple timecode recording options to match different workflows. Focus peaking to aid in manual focusing, zebra markers to help judge overexposure, and an audio level overlay for mixing audio are among the qualities that make working with the a7S desirable, along with its svelte size. With an ISO expandable from 50 to 409600, this camera is well suited to shooting in low light conditions.

For a more detailed product description, including additional specifications, please visit the manufacturer's website.


• No lens included.

• The a7s is a full frame FE mount camera but is fully compatible with regular E mount lenses when in APS-C crop mode.

• This rental is for the camera only and does not include a lens.

• This camera does not record 4K internally. It has a 4K compatible sensor with a 4K HDMI output. A recorder, such as the ATOMOS Shogun is recommended for use with this camera for shooting 4K.

• This camera does not have built-in stabilization. A stabilized lens is recommended and rentable separately.

• We make every attempt to have a fully charged battery for you but we can’t guarantee it 100%. If you need a fully charged battery, please request it via the order notes.

• A SDXC memory card of 64GM or more and Class 10 or higher is needed for lowest compression 1080p (XAVC S).

• Body Cap

• NP-FW50 Battery

• Charger

• Sensor: Super 35 Single-Chip CMOS

• Recording Format: RAW, XAVC-I, XAVC-L, MPEG-4, MPEG-2

• Video: 4K 12-Bit RAW (4096 x 2160) via External Recorder (Not Included), 4K UHD, 2K, HD 1080p, HD 720p

• ISO Range: 2000 (S-Log3 Gamma D55 Light Source)

• 14 Stops Dynamic Range

• Ports: 2 x XLR, SDI Out, 2 x BNC HD/3G-SDI, HDMI 2.0, USB Mini B, Mini Jack for Headphone, Mini Jack Remote

• Frame Rate: 180 at 1080p

• Lens Compatibility: Sony E Mount (Lens Not Included)

• Memory: (2) XQD Slots, (1) SD Slot (Cards Not Included - SD For Configuration Only)

• Built-In Filters (Clear, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64)

• 3.5” LCD

• Weight: 9.9 lbs

4k Super 35mm Sensor with Global Shutter • Records Apple ProRes 422 in 4K and 1080p and RAW DNG in 4K • Mount: EF and ZE Mount with Electronic Iris Control • Frame Rates: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 and at 1920 x 1080i: 50, 59.94 • 12 Stop Dynamic Range • Records to 2.5" SSD • 5" Integrated 800 x 480 resolution LCD Touchscreen • Outputs: Analog Audio, SDI Audio, Thunderbolt, Mic, 6G-SDI Video • Built-in Lithium-ion Battery with VDC port for external battery or 12V AC adapter • Weight: 3.75 lb • The option to record 4K RAW is available with approved SSDs only: Blackmagic Recommended SSDs